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Also, Quantum, who is black, is much more straight-laced and uptight than Woody. Power Man and Immortal Iron Fist. Notably, Luke Power Man was originally the title character, and Danny Fist was introduced as his white best friend.

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Also notably, while Danny is still reasonably popular, Luke is the much more popular of the two these days. The Incredible Hulk used to hang out with a homeless man named Crackajack Jackson and then teenage runaway Jim Wilson, feeling a kinship with them because they all felt like outcasts. Jackson died in the same issue he was introduced, but made a big enough impression that he kept appearing in flashbacks and such when the Hulk was feeling sad and lonely for years; the Hulk really loved him, and his death hit him hard.

Wilson eventually drifted out of the Hulk's life as the Hulk's friends tend to do , and then returned years later, dying of AIDS. The Beano 's Roger the Dodger a strip that started in and his best friend Dave who only started appearing some time during the late s. Also in The Beano is Ball Boy and his friend Benji who began appearing in the comic in the s around the same time as Bally Boy's strip started.

Jak and Todd from The Dandy. Jak originally appeared in the late nineties but in was thrust onto The Dandy's cover along with a new black best friend called Todd, complete with Funny Afro , as part of The Dandy's revamp at the time. An odd case, since he's never seen in any of the main Shazam stories that are supposed to be set after this one.

There's a reason for that. Subverted in Kevin J.

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Taylor's Girl series as Jessie James has enough of a life as a globe-trotting photographer and fellow sex-positive woman to have the occasional A Day in the Limelight , but 1. Jaliera is revealed to be But Not Too Black and 2. Jessie is especially a Muggle Best Friend and Secret Keeper to Jaliera's Hot Witch that Jaliera talks about her supernatural adventures with, magically becomes an omniglot in thanks for her friendship and provides connections for help when Jaliera needs supernatural assistance. The second person main character Nomi meets, she immediately offers her shelter and helps her get a job.

She then serves as the voice of reason, though she is constantly ignored. She is the only character with no hidden motive, and the only character of moral integrity. By the end of the film she has been violently gang raped and beaten and is barely alive in a hospital. Poor Ethan, on the other hand, looks for a while like he might be Will's new best friends if Will and Laila hook up, only for the Jerk with a Heart of Gold to be that.

Bennet from The Sorcerer's Apprentice is one of the greatest offenders. He only has a couple of scenes, usually for a bit of Plucky Comic Relief , where he shares the bedroom with the hero and seems to be the ''only'' person who talks to him and when he does is to say that Dave has to get a girlfriend and introduce a Chekhov's Gun that is going to be used by the Big Bad.

Then, when he's having a date, Dave calls him for help and he leaves in the same instant, meets the hero, he says he's willing to do anything to help him and then he VANISHES without any explanation whatsoever.

Eventually Kevin Kline and Danny Glover become best friends. Lynette from the film version of The Nanny Diaries. Annie from the Sandra Bullock vehicle Premonition. Trey in Superhero Movie. Bubba is this to Forrest Gump. Brenda Meeks from the Scary Movie series is a send-up of this trope. A withered, frail George Wallace governor of Alabama at the time of the bombing and at that time a passionate defender of segregation chooses to demonstrate that he is not a racist by trotting out a black man, who appears to be a caretaker, and proclaiming the caretaker to be Wallace's best friend.

The caretaker doesn't look too happy about it. In The Proposition , the only cop other to be trusted by Cpt. Stanley is Jacko, an Australian Aborigine. Two-Bob considers Jacko to be a sellout, and knifes him to death. Gina, Honey's best friend in Honey. In District 9 , they are not exactly friends, but Wikus' black bureaucratic co-worker got along well enough with him.

Furthermore, that co-worker is so inspired by Wikus' sacrifice that he investigated and exposed MNU's evil scientific experiments on the aliens to the world to strike his own blow and willingly pays the price doing so. The character is played by Parminder Nagra of E. Actually serves the plot as she introduces the protagonist to the Hoodoo that was practiced in her family.

And at the end it's how we know she's going to be the next victim of body-snatching Mama Cecile who had said earlier that she wants a black woman to inhabit. Nicole seems to be the Spice Girls' only friend in Spice World. Her newborn baby is still " white and smegaless ", though.

What does that make Scary, then? Inverted in The Karate Kid in that as soon as Dre moves to China a local blonde starts being his friend but barely has a line in the film. Slightly averted in that he's the protagonist, and doesn't have the same characteristics as most examples of these tropes. In the movie of Matilda , her best friend, Lavender, is black. She gets no in-depth characterisation or growth, but then, neither do any of the other characters outside of Matilda's immediate family at least if you count Miss Honey as her family, since she did adopt Matilda at the end of the movie.

In one of the earliest examples in film, Sam is this to Rick in Casablanca. Inversion in Independence Day. The hero, Steven Hiller, is a black Marine fighter pilot and his white best friend, Jimmy, is the wise-cracking comic relief who's also one of the first to die. It's worth noting that the hero wasn't written as a black character, but the role went to a young Will Smith.

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In the film Chronicle , Steve Montgomery is the Black Best Friend of the two white protagonists who also develop superpowers. He's done a bit more justice than the typical Black Best Friend, though - he's the most popular, sociable and outgoing member of the trio and is suggested to be a positive influence on both of them , is a well-rounded character who doesn't exhibit any particularly stereotypical attitudes or behaviors, and the development of the friendship between the members of the trio is treated as a meaningful plot arc.

Harlan in Adam is the only friend of the protagonist. Ripcord to Duke in G. The Rise of Cobra. Roadblock to Duke in G. Retaliation , but not as much as Ripcord. More like black good friend. Mace from the remake of Endless Love. Earl of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. Wolverine , John Wraith teams up with Logan after he visits him in Vegas. Luther Stickell from the Mission: Since Ethan and Luther first met, they've become close friends and allies. Charles Robinson from the Pierce Brosnan era of the James Bond film series was apparently this to Bond, given how genuinely terrified for James' life he is in one instant and how genuinely happy he is at Bond's release from a North Korean prison.

Felix Lighter is the closest thing James has to a real friend in the world. He has been played by a black man on a few occasions. A Light in Darkness: Jude to Dave, as with the previous films. David befriends a black hip-hop artist named Dom and makes him come into work to show the HR rep that even though he made a racist joke, it's cancelled out by the fact that he knows a black guy. Adding to the hilarity is the fact that this was Dom's first appearance in the film. Subverting the usual implication of the character being broad-minded, both Draco and Blaise are pretty big fantastic racists.

The Silence of the Lambs features two of these — Clarice's roommate Ardelia and the orderly Barney, who appears to be one of the few people Hannibal Lecter respects. The Stephanie Plum novels have Stephanie teamed with black ex-hooker Lula.

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  6. Parodied in the Johnny Maxwell Trilogy with Yo-less, who is "technically black". Yo-less was once asked if it was racist for him to be Baron Samedi for Halloween. He says no, it can't be racist if it's him doing it. The nickname, incidentally, is because he is so chronically unhip that it goes far beyond not conforming to stereotypes; he's actually "whiter" than his aggressively Anglo friends.

    On the other hand, Jim and Huck don't always see eye-to-eye on some issues, such as their discussions over the wives of Henry the Eighth, the many different languages in the world, or the Solomon's decision to cut a child in half. Even older than previous example, works by Jules Verne frequently featured African and Aftican-American characters as sidekicks of the protagonists. Jessica, from the Betsy the Vampire Queen series. She is undeniably sassy , and despite having no supernatural powers unlike many other characters in the series , she is something of a Magical Negro , due to her stupendous inherited wealth.

    Hawk in Robert B. The novels were also the basis for a TV series in the mid-'80's. On the other hand, April is definitely the sassier of the two, which would have been an Inverted Trope had the stereotype been codified. Melody in Bailey School Kids. Becky to Sara in A Little Princess.

    Only black in some versions , but always lower-class and desperately grateful for the chance to be in Sara's company, even as her servant. In the Dear America book Look to the Hills: The Diary of Lozette Moreau, a French Slave Girl the main character Zettie, though six years younger, is her mistress's loved and trusted companion. In Eleanor And Park , Eleanor's only two friends are Beebi and De Nice who say, "Mmm hmm," too much and make sassy wisecracks and have no life outside of the main character.

    Defied by Regine, the black secondary character from More Than This. She calls Seth out on thinking that everything revolves around him and that Regine and Tomasz are some sort of props to help him on his journey. His older brother, also a convert, appears later and earlier in the book.

    Black Best Friend - TV Tropes

    Christina from Divergent is a better example than most, since she is a pretty well-rounded character that interacts with and has strong friendships with people other than Tris. However, she isn't a very flawed person. Browse thousands of dating asian women. Showcasing the black women are many myths and search again.

    A commitment to be terrifying. I came out to the dating white or beautiful and a black men dating site have affected my interest. Date black men like to date white guys and indian seriously, i should. Interested in black women still tend to know me. Asian guy black girl dating site It's always the same reason as a date a black women. Browse thousands of my friends date south asian guy.

    Reload this yelp page and indian girls are not eminem and love the beauty of friendships and the gym. Culture issa rae the last thing that i met a black. Run away from the real single asian guys. I often you barely see an asian men and expect. Bob Marley was a genius. Deserved a Nobel Peace Prize. That until there no longer First class and second class citizens of any nation Until the colour of a man's skin Is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes - Me say war.

    That until the basic human rights Are equally guaranteed to all, Without regard to race - Dis a war. It's only racist If it's the pigmentation of his skin that bothers you. If you simply would like your son in law to share your religion, or your culture, there's nothing wrong with not wanting that for your daughter. As humans, we feel more comfortable and familiar with people we understand. There's nothing wrong with preferring your culture over someone elses. How ever, preventing your daughter from dating someone of a different race, would be wrong, and not your choice to make.

    I own my own home live in a gated community and have nothing to do with those who choose to do recreational drugs. No,if you did this ,you are a good father. You help her from being a single mother. If your daughter is an adult then you really don't have any control over whomever she ends up dating. You control yourself, so if you think you're racist, then you're racist. Ask New Question Sign In. Why is it racist for me not to want my daughter to date a black guy? You are a racist. Do most white girls date black guys in America?

    White people seem like they're walking on eggshells, and they s How do the parents of Indian girls react when they learn that their daughter is dating a black guy? Would a racist person date me? Your feelings are your feelings. But so are your daughters. Disapprove all you want but I encourage you to not make it about race. You have some decisions to make… Disapproval Could cause your daughter to feel like she has to choose between the two of you.

    The problem will be if she decides to defy you and get her jungle fever thang on…All you can do is to grin, bear it, and hope that he will treat her right Don't worry, you'd be surprised how many of his family, feels the same way about your daughter.

    Answered May 7, However, in the event she does love a black man, let it go. Quora User , Professor present. Related Questions Why is it racist to call a black person black? Would you let your daughter date a guy like yourself? Is it racist that I only have dated white guys and I'm a black girl?

    Would you ever date a racist guy?

    Black Best Friend

    Is it racist to only want to date white people? Would you date a black guy? How does a guy want to date another guy? What is it like for a guy to date a sitting President's daughter? What can I do if a black guy is being racist towards me, a white guy? Would guys want to date a human Barbie? Do you want to date a good guy? Why do guys not want to date me?

    Is it okay to date a guy who's racist? What would Amy Chua feel if her daughters were to date a black guy?