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The name sounds uninviting but the pattern certainly is not. This iron base kerosene lamp was made in the USA during the s. The two piece cast iron base is well moulded with lovely floral motifs around the Surprisingly, this is the first clear one we have had. In the past we have Here we have an English hand painted table lamp circa It has a lovely opaque blue glass font with hand painted floral decorations and a cast This early Melon pattern oil lamp is quite old.

It was made in the USA during the s. This style of pattern was used by many companies so it is This lovely little lamp is an Australian glass kero lamp. The simple lines and the diminutive size of this sweet little lamp are very appealing.

Oil lamp dating

The style of this antique English duplex paraffin lamp kerosene lamp points to it having been made circa It bears strong similarities to This antique European Bismarck oil lamp is one of the less commonly seen styles. Examine any switches or metal pulls for manufacturing clues. The markings on these might be the only clue to the lamp maker. Look at the wiring as a clue to the age and the lamp's maker. Cotton-wrapped wires mean an older lamp, but owners typically repair or replace wiring. Examine the interior of the bulb socket and the plug for any marking clues.

Search for manufacturing clues on the lampshade, if the lamp has one. Don't assume, however, that the base and shade came as a pair. You may have a valuable shade on a worthless base. Inspect each part of the lamp carefully before making any decisions about value. Research online and in print lamp guides and reference books using the information you've collected from your investigation of your lamp.

Lee Grayson has worked as a freelance writer since Collectible vintage lamps provide function and a source of cash when sold. Items you will need Reference books. Tip Investigate the trail of ownership of the lamp. It has G stamped on the top decoration piece. I have a large hand leaded Tiffany style swag lamp. Extremely heavy with colorful Stained glass leaves and fruit.

This lamp was at some time converted from oil to electric. The diameter 24 to 30 inches. This company was out of the Bronx New York and has been out of business for many years. They used to make beautiful lamps and Tiffany style lighting. I also have a lamp marked MC.

Antique Furniture Grease Lamps 17th and 18th Century.

The C is stamped over the M. It is a cast iron table lamp with a flower on the stem of the lamp. Need help identifying a pair of lamps.

How to Determine the Year a Table Lamp Was Manufactured

They are large hanging lamps with 5 candle-lights each. They are made of wrought iron and cast aluminum. They are a bit gothic in looks. Shaped like a barrel, with a Mayflower ship as the focal point of each side. I have a table lamp of two girls reading comics —the comics are dated July The lamp has a mark P. Only Mark is on underside of base. Pictures available if address can be sent. Am willing to bear appraisal cost. I have a torchiere floor lamp made by Radiant New York. I can not find any info, other than the company was purchased by Westinghouse.

Hallmark is the word Radiant in side of a diamond shape with NewYork under it. Seems to be brass, with a key style switch, globe is missing. Could it be old or worth anything.

старинных лампы | eBay

I have a brass bouillottelamp, marked on the bottom THY Can anyone identify this mark? Who made the lamp and when?

Hi,I have a Tiffany lamp copy by Lamp Fashions co. Looking for images of lamps and info for Mutual Sunset Lamp Co.

New Jersey company no longer in operation. Cannot find images similar to mine on Internet. I have a reverse painted table lamp tree scene with initials W. Who is the maker? I am looking for information about a pair of lamps with the name l l well on the bottom they are about two feet tall made out of some kind of metal with metal shades. Each leaded fixture has one pink heart crystal in it.

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Have pics if interested. I have a beautiful lamp needing restoration, I unscrewed the light bulb portion and a decorative plate hiding any wires.

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